Dear Family,
Many Blessings!

Some of us believe we are here on Earth to be a “Point of Light” for clearing and healing.
Atonement is the act of Reconciliation with God by way of “Sacrifice and Resurrection”
for the Sins/Dense Energies/Debris of Humanity.

We understand there are thousands of years of dense energies created by Humanity that is
resting in the third and fourth dimensions.
This dense energy or debris as we call it, is weighing down the Earth’s Ascension with the rest of
the Universe.

Off Planetary Beings have assisted Earth in clearing this debris over time. In the 21st Century
however, these Beings are seeking Cooperation with “Points of Light” to clear this debris.

This clearing is a “Course Correction” for the Earth’s Ascension.
As Sovereign Beings on a Free Will Earth, we can direct our Divine and Powerful Will any way we
choose. In order to assist in the “Course Correction,” We Are “Surrendering” Our Will as the
“Sacrifice and Resurrection” of Christ Consciousness in order to Serve/Reconcile with

The Rods of Atonement and the Affirmation of Atonement have been Co-Created to Assist those
Called to Participate and Bury the Rod of Atonement as a Symbol of our calling as a “Point of

Intention of the Application of Rods of Atonement:
Offering Atonement to the Earth is for the Earth; it is in no way Intended to Benefit or Protect
Humanity. The Rod is only Activated when it is Offered in This Way...otherwise it is merely an

We Speak Aloud the Affirmation of Atonement When Burying the Rod of Atonement in an Area we
are Sovereign Over. Offering Atonement with the Rods in an area we are not Sovereign over is a
Violation of Free Will and the Energy Created from that Violation will bounce back when Clearing is

We Invite the Burying of as many Rods of Atonement as You are Called; as long as They Are
Buried with Sovereignty.

The Rods of Atonement are a Beacon/Point of Light...the more Points of Light...the more Clearing.
Rod of Atonement